Caring for someone who is struggling with medical or mental health issues is challenging and often isolating. Relationships are forever altered by traumatic brain injury and degenerative brain disease, and families who live with it understand it as few others do.




To provide resources for the family members and caregivers of military veterans and professional athletes.


How do we achieve our mission

By sharing independent and trusted resources, along with testimonials, so families can see what has worked and what has not worked within our communities. Long-term plans include facilitating retreats, workshops, and regional support groups.

When the diagnosis came, it hurt on so many fronts. For me, the isolation had always been one of the hardest parts of living with brain injury. Not knowing who I could talk to for help, or cry with, or even laugh with. I didn’t want to make my dad look bad or hurt my family’s reputation, but I also needed help. I had no idea there were others out there living like we had, struggling alone. Coming out of my shell and finding others I could talk to, lean on, and learn from was the best thing I did for myself and my family.



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